Game-Winning Tailgating Safety Tips

With football season kicking off, tailgating outside of college and pro football stadiums will certainly be in full swing. Whether the tailgate serves as a chance to grill some food, or enjoy a cold drink, it's the perfect pre-game tradition. But it can also expose you to some risk. Here are some tailgating safety tips to keep your family and friends safe while they're getting ready for the big game.

Ten Tips to keep you safe...

  1. Maintain Proper Food Temperatures

  2. Bring Fire Extinguisher and First Aid Kit

  3. Use Grills Safely

  4. Check if Coals Have Cooled

  5. Dispose of Trash Properly

  6. Protect Yourself From the Sun

  7. Hide Valuables

  8. Remove Debris

  9. Designate a Driver

  10. Take Precautions in Parking Lots

To read the full article with details on these safety tips click here.

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