Holiday Wishes and Events in Tampa

Happy Holidays

You guys, we made it! We made it to the best time of the year where we can all take a deep breath and feel that slight chill in the air that somehow always reminds us there's so much to recap out of the year. December is the month full of life and things to do! From National Gingerbread Day, festive sweaters, holiday celebrations right into toasting for the new year...from our family to yours, we are so happy our year was spent together.

Holiday Safety Tips

During this joyous season make sure you are still being heart conscious as studies show, there’s a 5% increase of cardiac arrests around the holidays. We see 40% of heart attacks taking place right on Christmas Eve. Over consumption of food, alcohol along with stressors from family and social gatherings lead to less exercise and lack of sleep leaving you completely vulnerable to heart related symptoms. Stay aware of the basic healthy habits we teach you in our classes.

  • Eat healthy by including vegetables with every meal

  • Stay active, even a brisk walk aids in digestion

  • Control your blood sugar spikes by having sweets in moderation

  • Consume alcohol in moderation and stay hydrated with water in the process

  • Manage stress and take deep breaths

Also, make sure to bundle up! Very cold weather can cause narrowing of the arteries which in turn restricts the blood around the heart and reduces the amount of oxygen able to circulate. So we all love to pretend we Floridians are warm year round but there are days where you do need to swap those flip flops out and make sure to protect your well being. Socks with sandals are not ideal but go for it (don’t tell your mom I said that).

The Holidays are what truly bring us together and it becomes a gentle reminder of all the things we accomplished within the year and at the same time, give us a new perspective on how we want to continue the next year to come. We hope your month is merry, bright and full of love and laughter. We are so thankful for our time together and wish you a joyous new year!

Enjoy the moderate temperatures we have in Tampa and get outside for some great Holiday Events. So many events to consider right in our own back yard. From Christmas Town at Bush Gardens to the Winter Village at Curtis Hixon. Check out all the holiday festivities!

Seasons Greatings! The Wishart Safety Team

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