Preventing The Spread of COVID-19 In The Workplace

Many businesses and individuals are returning to the work place after one year of

working remotely. These in-person settings create a continued responsibility for

Organizations to keep employees and customers as safe as possible.

Your employer may have already implemented CDC guidelines. This includes

adapting to federal, state and local health regulations. COVID 19 response plans

need to be specific to the workplace and reduce potential exposures.

As the workplace slowly returns to a pre-pandemic environment, employees have

a responsibility to practice proper hygiene and cleaning habits to ensure safety.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provide suggestions for

keeping the workplace safe.

This includes:

1. Don't feel well? Stay home

We have all been near that person in the elevator, employee lounge or school

that is coughing, sneezing and obviously under the weather. Post- pandemic this

is not allowed. Even if your symptoms do not reflect directly of COVID 19 , staying

home is best for you and for the safety of your co-workers.

2. Wash your hands

Direct and indirect contact with body fluids is the main mode of transmission for

COVID 19. Touching surfaces or touching our faces are all ways we spread germs.

OSHA states that hand washing is the most effective method of infection control.

To wash hand properly you must wet hands and then vigorously rub palms

together with soap to create a lather. Be sure to scrub the back of the hands, in

between fingers, under the nails and under jewelry. OSHA states you must wash

your hands for 30 seconds to effectively remove contamination.

3. Disinfect your area correctly

Disinfecting surfaces frequently is essential for preventing the spread of COVID

19 and contributing to a safe workplace. Before using your favorite cleaning

product be sure to read the directions to make sure you are allowing the product

to actually do the job. Did you know that many commonly used disinfectants

require the solution to remain on the surface for a certain amount of time before

it is wiped down? Did you know other products are required to air dry rather

than wiped down? These are important details to know to make sure your efforts

are working and workplace surfaces are cleaned properly.

4. Keep your mask clean

Is the mask you have chosen one of those cute reusable masks that express your

personality? Are you more of a one and done type person and use a disposable

mask? Either way, they need to be taken care of. If it is a reusable mask, it should

be washed daily. If it is disposable, it should be changed multiple times during an

8 hour work day.

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