Some New Year Health and Safety Thoughts.

Happy New Year!!! How in the heck did we already get to 2022 is beyond me. I personally want to congratulate you for making it through these past two years and most certainly through the holidays. Time to bring it all in and get focused on the new beginnings the brand new year will allow us to create! No need to get lost in the craze of enormous expectations but instead, let's try to concentrate on the basics we strive to complete that will ultimately allow us to build on to make sure we become the best versions of ourselves through these 365 days. Speaking on behalf of the whole Wishart Team, we are so glad to continue this journey together.

When I hear January, the word that comes to mind is fresh. A fresh new beginning, a fresh start that seems more like a reset button. Through our classes we preach on making sure you protect yourself, stay hydrated and recognize symptoms before they progress. Go ahead and press that reset and let's focus on those basics together.

When someone says protect yourself, most automatically presume to be on the defense

of something on the outside that might harm us. But what if protecting yourself just simply

means take care of yourself? Focus on breathing, steading your heart beat and balancing your blood pressure? Our busy lives tend to throw us in a fog of stress which makes us tense and we tend to hold our breath without even realizing. This reduces the amount of oxygen consumed, lessens oxygen rotation and creates more pressure internally making our bodies work even harder. Throughout the day, set aside moments (start with a handful spaced through the day) to just focus on deep breaths in with a slow exhale. This will help regulate the blood pressure, most times allow an ease to our intestines and acts almost like a factory reset to help you continue on the rest of your day.

Hydration plays a huge role in our heart and overall health. Those rumors of having to

drink a gallon of water a day aren't always applicable. Each individual will have a different

amount of fluid his/her body requires. On average, we are to consume half of our body weight in fluid ounces in a day. Now coffee, soda, and energy drinks are all fluid yes, but they also dehydrate us. Make sure we are fully compensating by drinking more water. As we preach, your daily food consumption plays a vital role in proper hydration. Most vegetables and fruit contain 80% water and more. Balancing our nutritional habits by including these fruits and vegetables in every meal will benefit the body in even more than hydration!

Feeling a little sluggish? Are you almost done eating all those holiday cookies in the

house yet? Maybe experiencing some muscle cramps? These are all signs that your body is off balance. Recognize where you are at and try to implement basic life support to prevent further harm. Our sleep tends to suffer from all the stress, dehydration and overall strain on our bodies we just talked about. Mentally we might be on a reset but our body actually is so smart that it is made to do a factory reset on its own every night. Now all you have to do is to get out of its way!

Releasing stress by our breath work, replenishing our connective tissue, organs and cells with

water and nutritious foods is exactly what we can give our body to ensure that restful deep

sleep. An optimal sleep pattern will allow you to conquer your goals that you set for this bright new year.

So much to be thankful for, to appreciate and really just so much life to live! Keep on following this Wishart Team as we keep growing and we can't wait to see you for your next training session!

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