Safety Training Tampa
Our Process

We know that CPR/AED and First Aid training can be a pretty boring topic, but it doesn't have to be. Our experienced Tampa-based instructors know how to present the information in a way that makes sense while keeping the students engaged so that they'll remember it in an emergency.


When your students enter the room, they will find the rosters, books, and training dummies already in place and ready to go. This helps ensure that the class starts promptly and that their time is used efficiently. We know that you want to get your employees trained and back to work, so we will conduct our business in a timely manor.


Your instructor begins each class with a conversation about CPR/AED, in which they discuss exactly when and how to perform each step of the process. They also cover the 3 main obstacles, including fear, liability, and disease transmission, as well as how to properly handle them. These topics are supported by a team of experienced instructors, printed materials, and video training.


 After your instructor demonstrates proper CPR/AED, the students get to practice on the manikins. This critical step gives them the confidence to properly perform the life saving steps needed to rescue a coworkers, should the need arise. We make sure that they get plenty of practice so that they'll know exactly how to do it in real life.


After a short break, students return to the classroom for AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training. Your instructor will explain when, and demonstrate exactly how to use the machine, and then supervise the students while they practice in teams on our training manikins. 


We wrap up the day with First Aid training, covering how to treat open wounds, broken bones, shock, burns, heat illnesses, chemical injuries, and choking. At this point, your students may be able to save the life of a coworker in the event of an emergency.