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First Aid and CPR/AED 



We provide CPR training that is completely tailored to your needs. We can support class sizes of up to 150 students at your facility or any other location.


While we're trusted by some of the biggest brands to provide world-class CPR/AED and First Aid training, we also love working with small local companies throughout the Tampa Bay area too!


Wishart has curated some of the best resources for CPR and Safety Training information for your reference.


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We provide personalized and engaging CPR/AED and First Aid training to help you create a safe workplace.

Do you want to create a safe workplace that encourages increased productivity and morale? Do you want to skip the dry, boring classes and have your employees learn CPR/AED and First Aid in an engaging environment so that they'll actually be able to use their training in an emergency? Then you've come to the right place!

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Safety Training Tampa - Mayor Jane Castor Onsite!

“Barr & Barr has worked with Wishart Safety Training Inc., over the years but this Moffitt Expansion Hospital project has provided a great opportunity to partner in a much more diverse capacity.  Once the City of Tampa issued there COVID-19 Response: Construction Site Safety Initiative in April 2020, Donna Wishart and her Team of professionals have been right beside us every day in teaching our folks not only CPR, First Aid & AED training but assisting our construction teams with Covid-19 site guidance protocols.  Daily temperature screening’s, worker readiness assessment’s and drug testing has helped us tremendously to keep this site safe & clean for everyone working on this project. The whole partnering  process has been a great learning tool, and I would  recommend our subcontractors use Donna Wishart and her Team anytime.  They have been nothing but excellent for us.” 


Jeff Vinkovich, CHST

Barr & Barr EHS Director   

Project Manager

Dora Bridges