Safety Training Tampa
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Wishart Safety is pleased to present these case studies for our work.  Donna Wishart, owner with Tampa Mayor Jane Castor at an onsite training.  Ask us how we can help your organization with safety training.  



Wishart Safety has partnered with Skanska -  one of the largest construction companies in the US - since 2001. We have supported the safety culture of Skanska by physically conducting training specific to each job site throughout the state of Florida.  Our training has included CPR/AED/First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens. We have conducted OSHA 10 and OSHA 30 classes for Skanska employees and their subcontractors. Forklift, Flagger Safety, Confined Space, and Mobile Elevated Work Platform training are examples of the wide scope of services Wishart Safety has provided to Skanska job sites. All training is held on-site and scheduled around the daily operations of the job site. 

Wishart Safety participates in Skanska's celebration of  OSHA's National Safety Week every year in May. We have held workplace exercise and healthy eating/snacking seminars for the administrative personnel in the corporate offices. On the job sites, we hold 30-minute Tool Box Talks on relevant topics like Heat Illnesses, Skin Cancer, Automated External Defibrillator (AEDs), First Aid Kits, and Choking. All Tool Box talks include handouts and props for each person attending. For example, if the topic is heat, each participant will receive a bottle of water and a banana to emphasize hydration. Typically the groups range in size from 50- 200 people.

United States Post Office

The United States Post Office has Distribution Centers (Tampa International Airport and YBOR City) that operate 24/7. Wishart Safety accommodates these client's schedules by providing CPR/AED/First Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens classes around the clock. Classes are held on-site in 4-hour increments. The environment in a PDC is like a warehouse so these First Aid classes focus on the topics most relevant to the employees - slips and falls, muscle injuries, bleeding emergencies ... . The PDC building has an AED at each location so the AED demonstration is specific to their unit.  

The Branch offices of The Unites States Post Office have mail carriers and customer service representatives. Mail carriers spend their days outside. These employees are especially interested in First Aid techniques dealing with bites and stings, muscle injuries, and heat-related illnesses. The customer service reps at the counter are concerned about the Bloodborne Pathogen aspect of dealing with the general public. Wishart Safety instructors tailor each class to focus on the specific needs of the client's workplace. 



Wishart Safety started working with the NOAA pilots (Hurricane Hunters) in 2011. We held classes at MacDill Air Force Base in Hangar #19. NOAA holds an annual Safety In-service Week where pilots from across the nation attend a full week of training seminars. CPR/AED/First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens is the last class on the last day. In 2016, the NOAA operations moved to Lakeland Regional Airport. There are typically 100 students - pilots, mechanics, engineers... - that attend our CPR/AED/First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens class. These classes are held in the hangar surrounded by Hurricane planes.  The intensity of the training is unique to the work environment of the NOAA staff. There is no 911 call available when you are in the air so CPR and First Aid techniques are geared towards two-rescuer applications that will stabilize the victim until the aircraft can land. Items in the First Responder kits are demonstrated in detail. 

In December of 2020, the CPR/AED/First Aid/Bloodborne Pathogens class was held virtually for 97 students across the nation. The class was done using the Google Team platform. Two Wishart Safety instructors were able to deliver the information, demonstrate skills and engage in questions and answers effectively. Wishart Safety is committed to adapting our classes to the specific needs of our clients.

Tampa Yach & Country Club

Wishart Safety provides a broad range of services to these two Clubs. Each club has a full-service marina that has fuel, docks... for all-size motorized and wind-propelled vessels. There is a complete hospitality section involving ovens, grills, refrigeration ... both indoors and outdoors. The recreational departments include swimming pools, a full fitness center, tennis courts... . The CPR/AED/FA /Bloodborne Pathogens classes prepare the staff for every type of emergency from choking to burns to cardiac arrest. Environmental emergencies such as lightning strikes, drowning and heat exhaustion/stroke are real dangers for this team.  After completing the Wishart Safety training courses, the employees are confident and knowledgeable to respond to an emergency and manage the victim until 911 can arrive.

Each location has multiple AEDs available to staff and members. There are oxygen tanks and fire extinguishers in the kitchen, fitness center, and marina. Wishart Safety conducts routine checks on the AEDs and First Aid kits. Wishart Safety has trained the staff on the proper use of the oxygen tanks and the fire extinguishers. Wishart Safety strives to provide comprehensive training programs that support the entire safety culture of each client.